Self Defense Aerobics


Self Defense Aerobics


Get a Great Workout and Learn Practical Self Defense Techniques

Complete introduction of how to exercise properly and without injury

One hour, Non Impact, Full Body Aerobic Workout.

Music by Klaus Peterson

Complete Demonstration and Instruction of Street Self Defense Application from the routine follows the aerobic section.

One Hour and 55 Minutes Total Instruction (including the above mentioned demonstration and instruction of applications)

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Self Defense Aerobics is one hour of non-impact aerobics. Focus is on self defense techniques with instruction on how to exercise properly before the routine begins and application and demonstration of self defense techniques after the routine.

Also author of "Common Sense Self Defense for Women ... or anyone facing a larger, stronger opponent" video.  Almost two hour of Self Defense Instruction  by Richard and Cindy Long, Sixth Degree Black Belt husband and wife team who own and teach at the Belen Goju Ryu Karate School in Belen, New Mexico.

You will learn how to avoid dangerous situation and to effectively defend yourself against a larger stronger opponent.  You will learn:*Defense against assailants with weapons.  *Falling and ground fighting techniques  *Defense against the most common attack scenarios.

This video provides essential training for every woman in today's society.  Arm yourself with knowledge so you don't live in fear.  don't become another victim of the violence that pervades society.

Common SenseSelf Defense for Women

Goju Nei Gong is a Health Maintenance and Internal Energy Development and a Life Extension Class.

This video also includes a set of two 1 1/4 inch diameter acrylic spheres to be used during part of the class.

Life is movement and everyone know that if any part of the body remains stationery for an extended period of time, it becomes stiff.  If muscles, tendons, and ligaments are not moved through their full range of motion on a regular basis the individual will start to loose that full range of natural, unrestricted motion.  A well designed set of exercises will be devised so that all the body's joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments are moved through their full range of motion during the exercise set.  Wang Ji Wu's set does this as well as the Kodokan Kong Li exercises, but additionally some of these exercises work to gently move and manipulate the internal organs so that the organs function properly and all of the systems of the body which pumps fluids are stimulated.  When the bodily fluids such as lymph, bile, blood, etc. are allowed to stagnate anywhere in the body problems will arise.

There are many important acupressure points on the inside of the hands and feet.  Chinese Health Balls or spheres are an excellent way to gently stimulate the points in the hand for the benefit of the heart, lungs, bronchi, large and small intestine, and circulation of the blood.  The Health Balls or spheres stimulates these points and can help prevent heart and lung disease, insomnia as well as promote mental clarity, concentration, and memory.

Stimulating the points under the feet with the Chinese Health Balls or spheres helps the spleen, bladder, gall bladder, stomach, and kidney.

Clockwise rotation will increase the Yang energy, while the counterclock wise rotations will increase Yin energy.  Regular practice will improve your overall health.  Also resulting in strengthening the muscles in the the fingers, hands, and arms.  Other areas worked are the head and body.  When the twelve meridians are stimulated with the Chinese Health Balls the circulation of the "Chi energy throughout the body is enhanced helping general health and well being.  Chinese Health Balls and spheres can be found in three basic materials:  wood, stone, and metal.  Even golf balls serve well in this way.  generally, the larger and heavier they are, the stronger the effect on the acupuncture points and if you are sensitive to sound try to avoid the ones made with chimes.

Goju Nei Gong