We host a tournament every October in her name:



The proceeds from this event go to a scholarship fund we established in Tammy's name and scholarships are awarded each year to help students going to college.  The scholarship fund goes to home-schooled students attending the University of New Mexico Valencia or Albuquerque campus.

This year we will host our 12th. Annual Captain Tammy Tournament on October 21, 2017.

As of August 14, 2017 will have awarded 47 Scholarships of $500.00 each for a total of $23,500.00.  We also have awarded $5000.00 from the proceeds to the Girl Scout Summer Camp to help girls that cannot afford the camp.  Tammy was a Girl Scout.  This is a total of $28,500.00 these tournaments, family, friends and loved ones have donated to this Scholarship Program.  We are very thankful to everyone that has helped us to help others in our daughter's name.


Jacob Griego, Jared Robbins, Victoria Cline


April Luna, Jonah Carbajal, Zachariah Harris, Erick Gilbertson


Peter Crowder, Phillip Shaw


Elijah Carbajal, Elizabeth Milarch, Vanessa Griego, Phillip Shaw


Ethan Harris, Zachariah Harris, Tiffany B. Tafoya, Katreena Kirkland, Joanna Gardner, Theresa Kline


Amber Becker, Andrew Dille, Joanna Gardner


Amber Becker, Katreena Kirkland, Joanna Gardner, Veronica Dike, Jessica Eubank


Veronica Dike, Makayla Broekstra, Sarah Bockisch


Veronica Dike, Gwendolyn Dike, Joshua Demick, Sarah Essenmacher, John Fanta IV


Veronica Dike, Gwendolyn Dike, Brice Proctor


Veronica Dike, Gwendolyn Dike, Brice Proctor, Mattea Demick, Joshua Demick, John Fanta


Brice Proctor, Mattea Demick, Hannah Joy Dille


How to qualify for the Captain Tamara Long-Archuleta Memorial Scholarship:

     $500.00 scholarships are available to students who have been home schooled through High School and are attending UNM-VC or UNM Main campus full time.

     Mail a copy of transcripts and a one page essay about how this scholarship will help you in your educational goals to Scholarship, P.O. Box 819, Belen, NM87002.  Deadline is August 1, 2018.

We accept applications June 1 through August 1 each year.


The Tournament Program

A Tournament Program is created for each tournament.  350 copies are distributed to all competitors, families, and spectators.  The tournament rules are stated, trophies and awards are listed,and  schedule of events.  We also recognize those who help us make this a quality event with our opening prayer, Colors presented by, National Anthem performed by and all the businesses that sponsored this tournament.  We encourage everyone to try and do business with our sponsors and thank them for their sponsorship.  Not only does this help to make a positive event for everyone, this also helps us keep our Scholarship Program going to help others go to college in our daughter's name.