The newest certified Black Belts as of July 2016 at Belen Goju Ryu Karate are mother and son.  Mom, Kris Slayton, got herself and three children into the dojo twelve and a half years ago.  At first living in Los Lunas, then for the last ten years in Edgewood, she has steadfastly continued their training in karate.

Johnathon Miller, her oldest son, has recently graduated from Del Norte High School in Albuquerque and will be shipping out to Marine Basic Training mid July after signing up for early enlistment his Senior Year.

Kris is a registered Nurse at the VA Hospital in Albuquerque where she works full time in addition to being a single mother. Not many people would drive a three hour round trip to train in karate but Kris and family (a daughter and two sons) are some of our most dedicated students.  Kris and Jon are the first mother and son to be certified at the same time in the twenty eight year history of Belen Goju Ryu.  The two of them have done a great job and we are very proud of them. 


They are the 68th and 69th Black Belt certified here at Belen Goju Ryu Karate and with our four Poshtumous Black Belts that is a total of 73 Black Belts of Goju in Belen, New Mexico,