Brandon Engler, Sydney Engler, Sebastian Hendrickx

Brandon, Sydney and Sebastian tested in December 2015 and were certified May 2016

The BlackBelt test consists of demonstrating all technique and to also teach the techniques correctly.  This part of the test is all the equipment with hand techniques, kicking techniques, knee and elbow techniques, and also sweeping techniques.

The Black Belt candidates also show empty hand self defense techniques against various attacks.  They then also demonstrate techniques of self defense against stick, knife, and gun attacks.

They demonstrate mat techniques that include falling, slap outs, and attacks on the ground.

All Kata is demonstrated.  Testing with the shinai to test mental strength.

To finish the testing for their Black Belts the students then spar everyone in class.

The new Black Belts with the students of that class and with the Black Belts of that class and then with Sensei Richard and Sensei Cindy.

Rick, Sydney, Brandon, Tammy Engler                                   

Jan, Sebastian, Graciela Hendrickx

Brandon and Sydney Engler have been training over nine years.  They have grown up in the dojo, so to speak.  They both are honor roll students at Los Lunas High School.  Brandon, 17 yrs. old, will be a Senior next year and Sydney, 16 yrs. old, will be a Junior next year.  They live with their parents, Rick and Tammy Engler, in Los Lunas.  They both are also accomplished swimmers.

Sebastian Hendrickx, 16 yrs. old, has trained at Belen Goju Ryu Karate for over seven years after training at three different martial arts school first.  He got here and found his dojo home and has worked hard to continue his path in Karate.  Sebastian attends New Mexico Tech University in Socorro studying to by an astrophysicist.  He started college two years ahead of the normal timing.  He lives with his parents, Jan and Graciela Hendrickx, in Los Lunas.

All three of these young Black Belts are outstanding citizens and credits to their families, their communities and their dojo.  We are so very proud of all of them.