Congratulations to Suzanne in joining the Belen Goju Ryu Black Belts

Suzanne Gabaldon has been training hard and often for over six years. After Friday night, March 20, 2015, it paid off with her earning her Black Belt.  Almost three hours of demonstrating her technique, Kata, and Sparring she did great!  Now it's six months of probation and turning in her Black Belt essay and then come the Black Belt certification.  We are very proud of all Suzanne has accomplished and look forward to her positive future in karate and life.  This is a picture of Sensei Richard and Sensei Cindy with Suzanne.  The next pictures are of her Mom, Kathleen, and son, Gabriel (who is a Green Belt with us) watching the test and then a picture of them together after the test.

Suzanne demonstrates and explains how (as if to a new student) her techniques on the equipment with hand techniques, kicking drills, stomping kicks, sweeps, and take downs for her Black Belt test.

Suzanne then demonstrates her empty hand defense and defense against sticks, guns, and knives

Suzanne also demonstrates her mat work.  Showing how to fall without getting hurt, ground movement and defense.  Suzanne then performs every kata she has learned since the beginning of training.  Then we test the student's mental strength with the Shinai, a Kendo training tool.  We never let the fear of pain defeat us.  Suzanne is very proud of her bruises from this and considers them as her badge of honor for what she has accomplished at Belen Goju Ryu Karate.

Suzanne's Black Belt test finishes with sparring all the students on the floor beginning with lower ranks and ending with all Black Belts on the floor.  Her final match is with Sensei Richard as he is testing her fighting spirit and making sure she can still hit with power in the end.

Suzanne is a coordinator at Adelante.  She has assisted in her son's classes for many years and feels that this helped in her confidence. She also says that she is stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally for the rest of her life.  Suzanne says, "My wish is that every woman should train in Self Defense."  Suzanne started training in karate after attending a free Women's Self Defense seminar we offer annually to all Mother's, Grandmother's, and older daughter's of training students.