Belen Goju Ryu Karate Kata Syllabus

All ages/ All ranks begin with:

Sanchin-  Three battles (Body, Mind, Spirit)  origin unknown, from China

Tensho-  Turning Palms developed by Chogun Miyagi (Soft for youth classes, hard like Sanchin for Adults)

White Belts / All ages

     Taikiyoko's by Gogen Yamaguchi from Japan which are basic moving exercises

Taikiyoko Chudan-  Basic Form Middle/  Middle Block - Middle Punch

Taikiyoko Jodan-  Basic Form Up/  Up Block - Up Punch

Taikiyoko Gedan-  Basic Form Down/ Down Block - Down Punch

Taikiyoko Kake- Basic Form Hook/  Hook Block - Front Kick - Up Elbow


Green Belts / All ages

Taikiyoko Mawashi-  Basic Form Circle/ Circle Block, Back Fist, Down Block, Down Punch Fist


 All Ranks -Yellow Belts - Green Belts / All Ages

Gekisai kata by Chogun Miyagi from Okinawan

Adult and Youth Yellow belts

Gekisai Sho-  Attack and Smash, Lesser (Kimo Sensei's Tool Box)

Green Belts - all ages

Gekisai Dai Itch-  Attack and smash, one

Gekisai Dai Ni-  Attack and smash, two

Green Belts- all ages

Classical Kata-  from Southern China

Saifa-  Destroy and defeat, Tearing or breaking point

Seinchin-  Control and pull into battle

 Brown Belt level -

Shisochin-  To destroy in four directions

Sanseiru-  36

Black Belt level-

Seipai-  18

Seisan-  13

Kururunfa-  To restrain and destroy

Suparinpei (Pechurin)  -  108

All Ranks -

Hatkusuru- Toguchi Seikichi (No Mei-  with music, performed at festivals)

Paranku-  Miyagi Gift Kata to Hawaii


Out of System Kata

All Ranks

Naihanchin Sho-  Matsumura Seito

Sochin-  Juhatsu Kyoda, founder of ToOn Ryu system

Pachu-  Ryui Ryu System


Kimo Sensei trained with Liu Chang-1 in Taiwan.  He then sponsored and toured with him in the United States several times.  His family are 400 year direct descendants from Fang Qiniang, the founder of White Crane Kung fu (the root of Goju Ryu) in southern China.

Angle Fist  -  Feeding Crane System

Three Battles  -  Feeding Crane System


Out of System Kata

Brown/Black Belts

Ryu Sho Ken  - Matsumura Seito

Kakuho  -  Matayoshi Kobudo taught this after learning from Gogenki who was a tea merchant from China


Out of System Kata

Black Belts Only

Happoren  -  Fang Quiniang, founder of White Crane



We train in a collection of weapons kata and our base is Matayoshi Kobudo under Kimo Sensei instruction.


Gima Shinjo

Ancestral Grandfather of Matayoshi Family


Matayoshi Shinko

One of Okinawa's most profound Masters of Martial Art, especially Kobudo.


Matayoshi Shimpo

Founded Ko Do Kan "Path of Enlightenment" Dobudo Dojo in honor of his father.

Last of 400 year history of his family line.

All Ranks

Chizi Kun Bo  -  "Little Stick Staff"   Float handles to the fishing nets

Modern Arnis  -  Remy Presas  Basic drills and concepts


Kobudo is taught after a student attains the Green Belt Level

(except for the Chizi Kun Bo and Modern Arnis mentioned above)


Papahako Sho

Papahako Di

Choun No Kun

Tsuken No Kun

Sesoko No Kun


Matayoshi Sancho Sai

Tsukenshitohaku No Sai

Yaka No Sai


Matayoshi Tonfa

Wanshu No Tonfa


Matayoshi Kama


Matayoshi Nunchaku


Matayoshi Tien Be Roshin


Matayoshi Sansetsukan


Choy La Fut Dragon Fan Kata by Master Lee Koon-Hung