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Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate


At Belen Goju Ryu, we teach traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate - a system of karate developed by Chojun Miyagi in Okinawa. All classes are taught by Sensei Richard and Cindy Long, 6th Degree Black Belts in Goju Ryu. Sensei Richard and Cindy continue their own personal training under the world renowned Kimo Wall Sensei, founder of Kodokan Goju Ryu Karate. Students also learn a number of classical kata from other systems of karate as well as Chinese White Crane. Our students gain a well rounded knowledge of disciplines important to the development of any good martial artist including:

  • Non-violent Conflict Management Skills
  • Strength, Balance, Coordination, Speed, and Power Development
  • Values: Courtesy, Respect, Citizenship
  • Traditional Kata & Weapons Program
  • Free-Sparring & Tournament Sparring
  • Effective Self Defense Skills
  • Tournament Competition Available - Not Required





Our classes are grouped together according to age and size so that students train with others similiar to their own size and level of mental and physical development.

TINY TOTS (4yrs - 7yrs)

    Tuesday/Thursday 4:00pm - 5:00pm

JUNIOR YOUTH (8yrs - 11yrs)

    Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday 5:30pm - 7:00pm

SENIOR YOUTH (11/12yrs - 14/15yrs)

    Monday/Wednesday/Friday 5:30pm - 7:00pm


    Evenings - Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday 7:30pm - 9:00pm
    Mornings - Tuesday/Thursday 10:00am - 11:30am


    Saturday 5:30pm - 7:00pm


    Saturday 4:00pm - 5:00pm


Captain Tamara Long-Archuleta

USAF Co-pilot HHG60PaveHawk Helicopter

Operation Enduring Freedom - Afghanistan

May 12, 1979 - March 23, 2003





















We host a tournament every October in her name:


The proceeds from this event go to a scholarship fund we established in Tammy's name and scholarships are awarded each year to help students going to college.  The scholarship fund goes to home-schooled students attending the University of New Mexico Valencia or Albuquerque campus.

This year was our 8th. Annual Captain Tammy Tournament on October 19, 2013.

We awarded three $500.00 scholarships bringing our total to 30 Scholarships of $500.00 each for a total of $15,000.00.  We also award $500.00 from the proceeds to the Girl Scout Summer Camp to help girls that cannot afford the camp.  Tammy was a Girl Scout. This year brings our total of ten Girl Scout Summer Camperships to $5,000.00.   We are very thankful for the students, families, and competitors that help us to help others through the martial arts.


Jacob Griego, Jared Robbins, Victoria Cline


April Luna, Jonah Carbajal, Zachariah Harris, Erick Gilbertson


Peter Crowder, Phillip Shaw


Elijah Carbajal, Elizabeth Milarch, Vanessa Griego, Phillip Shaw


Ethan Harris, Zachariah Harris, Tiffany B. Tafoya, Katreena Kirkland, Joanna Gardner, Theresa Kline


Amber Becker, Andrew Dille, Joanna Gardner


Amber Becker, Katreena Kirkland, Joanna Gardner, Veronica Dike, Jessica Eubank


Veronica Dike, Makayla Broekstra, Sarah Bockisch


We will post the dates for the 2014 Captain Tamara Long-Archuleta Memorial Open Karate Championships as soon as we get the date.  We usually try for the third Saturday of the month of October.


Belen Goju Ryu Karate was established May, 1988

Belen Goju Ryu's Black Belt Wall

Belen Goju Ryu's Black Belt Wall

Belen Goju Ryu's Black Belts

 1.  Richard Long                                                 Rokyu                                                 11/12/2005

 2.  Cindy Long                                                    Rokyu                                                 11/12/2005

 3.  Tamara Long-Archuleta                               Sandan                                               05/16/1998

 4.  Michael Long                                                Sandan                                                08/22/1993

 5.  Raymond Montoya                                       Godan                                                  01/13/2006

 6.  Seferino Sanchez                                         Sandan                                                 05/23/2001

 7.  Dan Smith                                                      Shodan                                                05/18/1992

 8.  Kevin Donovan                                              Sandan                                                05/01/2000

 9.  Melanie Sefton                                              Shodan                                                08/21/1992

10.  Melissa Sefton                                               Shodan                                               08/21/1992

11.  Brad Eichelberger                                          Shodan                                                08/25/1992

12.  Ann Renee Armijo                                         Shodan                                                08/25/1995

13.  Josh Peterson                                                Shodan                                                03/01/1996

14.  Peter Peterson                                               Nidan                                                   04/01/1998

15.  Charlie Babecka                                             Nidan                                                   04/01/1998 

16.  Klaus Peterson                                                Nidan                                                   07/05/2001

17.  Amanda Torres                                               Shodan                                                 03/10/2000

18.  Josh Malcolm                                                 Sandan                                                   12/14/2005

19.  David Perfetti                                                 Nidan                                                      10/02/2002

20.  Amberly DeVera                                            Shodan                                                   06/05/2000

21.  Margaret Baca-Free                                       Godan                                                     11/01/2011

22.  Steve Roberson                                             Shodan                                                   06/05/2000

23.  Amanda Garcia                                               Sandan                                                   12/14/2005

24.  Contessa Chavez                                           Nidan                                                       04/26/2004

25.  Robert Vallejos                                               Sandan                                                    11/01/2012

26.  Michael Roha                                                  Shodan                                                    08/04/2000

27.  Pablo Gabaldon                                              Shodan                                                    03/21/2002

28.  Kaylona Young                                               Shodan                                                     03/21/2002

29.  Anita Self                                                         Shodan                                                     10/12/2002

30.  Scott Lafayette                                                Sandan                                                     04/20/2007

31.  Benjamin Cline                                                Nidan                                                         08/16/2006

32.  Victoria Morgan                                              Shodan                                                       05/30/2003

33.  Courtney Gular                                                Shodan                                                      05/30/2003

34.  Trevor Coffey                                                  Shodan                                                       05/30/2003

35.  Melissa Lucero                                                Shodan                                                       12/12/2003

36.  Jay Armstrong                                                 Sandan                                                        07/27/2004

37.  Taylor Britton                                                    Nidan                                                          07/01/2004

38.  Laquie Campbell                                             Shodan                                                         07/09/2004

39.  Janice Lardner                                                 Nidan                                                           04/08/2008

40.  Loretta Scott                                                    Shodan                                                        04/01/2006

41.  Jeremy Sanchez                                               Sandan                                                         04/01/2011

42.  Jim Brangan                                                      Nidan                                                          01/25/2010

43.  Jennifer London                                                Nidan                                                          01/25/2010

44.  Molly Chavez                                                   Shodan                                                         10/24/2007

45.  Jessica Rodriguez                                            Nidan                                                            01/25/2010

46.  Kimberly Coleman                                            Sandan                                                          07/26/2013

47.  Ryan Pike                                                           Shodan                                                         05/14/2008

48.  Erick Gilbertson                                                Shodan                                                           09/16/2008

49.  Megan Shane                                                     Shodan                                                         11/10/2008

50.  Isaac Ulibarri                                                      Shodan                                                          06/23/2010

51.  Joseph Sanchez                                                 Nidan                                                              03/20/2012

52.  Kevin Trujillo                                                       Nidan                                                              03/26/2013

53.  Jim Taul                                                              Shodan                                                            11/16/2010

54.  Josh Baca                                                           Shodan                                                           01/26/2011

55.  Montie Chavez                                                  Shodan                                                             03/08/2011

56.  Fiore Casale                                                       Shodan                                                             04/12/2011

57.  James Pike                                                         Shodan                                                             08/26/2010

58.  Marcus Talmadge                                             Shodan                                                             01/22/2013

Belen Goju Ryu's Black Belts Posthumously

  1.  Bud Long                                                            Shodan                                                                08/16/1994

 2.  Patrick Hadley                                                    Shodan                                                                 12/21/1998

 3.  John Marshall                                                      Shodan                                                                06/22/2007

 4.  Henry Byrd III                                                      Shodan                                                                 06/24/2007


 The 8th Captain Tamara Long-Archuleta Memorial Open Karate Championships

on October 19, 2013

There were 23 schools in attendance with over 230 competitors in 110 divisions

for 1st., 2nd., 3rd., and 4th places.

Sensei Richard Long and Sensei Cindy Long, owners of Belen Goju Ryu Karate, were the hosts and they were hosting their 30th. tournament here in the City of Belen.

Anna Gorman from Mountain Eagle Karate in Albuquerque was the Black Belt Kata Grand Champion.

Anna Gorman was also Black Belt Women's Kumite Grand Champion.

Uriel Lapoveic from Koryu Ryu in Albuquerque, was the Black Belt Men's Kumite Grand Champion.

Gretchen Lorenson from Koryu Ryu in Albuquerque was Adult Kyu Grand Champion.

Keana Kast from Kim's Tae Kwon Do in Albuquerque was Youth Advance Grand Champion.

Justin Nguyen from Kim's Tae Kwon Do in Albuquerque was Youth Intermediate Grand Champion.

Christiana Yee from Kim's Tae Kwon Do in Albuquerque was Youth Beginning Grand Champion.

We would like to thank Sensei Rev. Jay Armstrong, who is third degree Black Belt with us, First United Methodist Church, for our opening prayer.  We would like to thank the Belen High School Navy JROTC Color Guard Team for their fine performance in presenting the colors.  We also thank Shodan Molly Chavez, one of our Black Belts, for her wonderful performance of the National Anthem.  It was really special for her to drive from her college studies at Eastern NM University to perform for us.  For the second year we also had the bagpipes and drums of the High Desert Pipes and Drums perform Amazing Grace for the Opening Ceremonies.  And a special thanks to Louise Gilbertston for the donation of her beautiful hand made quilt for our Auction.  She had donated over 25 quilts for our tournaments to raffle.

We also thank all the businesses and individuals who help make our tournaments a success.

We thank the Valencia County News-Bulletin for their help publicizing the event.  The Belen High School Athletic Department has been a fantastic partner since 1993.  The Belen High School Gymnasium really is the premier facility in the state for a karate tournament.  We are fortunate to have such a great working relationship with the Belen Schools.

Our tournament program business sponsors are invaluable in helping to finance the tournament and keep the scholarship funded for the future. Many of the businesses and individuals are there for us year after year and we really appreciate them.

Thank you Senator Michael S. Sanchez, James and Missy Sanchez, Frank's Septic Pumping, Loyal Order of Moose Bele Lodge#1680, State Employees Credit Union, Buckland Pharmacy, Pavlos and Nikki Panagopoulos with Et Cetera Advisor Networks, Pete's Cafe, Avonite Surfaces Aristech Acrylics, Mark Peter, Suzanne Moore, Ranchero Builders Supply, Adelante (Bargain Square), Multi Packaging Solutions, Renee Antoinette's School of Dance, The Law Firm of David C. Chavez, Main Street Muscle Fitness, Abel and Willie's Trophies, True Swords, Ambercare, Donut King, Bruce Fleming Business Print Center, BNSF RailRoad, Coleman Academy of Irish Dance, Romero Funeral Home, Delora's Hair Salon, Big Mike's Grill, Ed Erler's Martial Arts Supply, Meghan Shane, Michelle Gammill, Rebecca Long, and Barbara Marsh.

Because of the great success we were able to add funds to the Captain Tamara Long-Archuleta Scholarship Program with helps students attend UNM and UNM-VC.


Belen Goju Ryu was represented by 63 of their students.

4 year olds Kumite- 2nd. Place- Colton Malcom

5 year olds Kata- 1st. Place- Prestin Day

5 year olds boys and girls Kumite- 1st. Place- Prestin Day

6-7 Girls White Belt Kumite- 1st. Place- Alicia Lopez

6-7 White Belt Kata - 2nd. Place- Alicia Lopez

6-7 Beg. White Belt Boys Kumite-  1st. Place - Luke Austin, 3rd. Place - Santos Aragon,

4th. Place- Preston Garcia

6-7 Beg. White Belt Boys Kata- 2nd. Place- Luke Austin

6-7 Beg. Yellow Belt Boys Kata - 4th. Place Stoney Molina

7yr. olds Boys Yellow Belt Kumite- 2nd. Place- Joshua Servantes, 3rd. Place- Arthur Montoya,

Not Placing Augustine Lopez, Sam Montoya

7yr. olds Boys Yellow Belt Kata- 2nd. Place- Arthur Montoya, 3rd. Place - Sam Montoya,

Not Placing Augustine Lopez, Joshua Servantes

8-9 yrs. Beg. Girls Kumite - 2nd. Place - Natalie Morales

8-9 yrs. Int. Girls Kumite - 2nd. Place- Ayzia Molina

Beg. 8-9 Boys Kata - 2nd. Place- Brody Molina

Not Placing- Marcus Rimorin, Tyler Winters

8-9 yrs. Old Int. Girls Kata - 3rd. Place- Ayzia Molina

8-9 Beg. Boys Kumite - 4th. Place- Josiah Ornndorf  Not placing - Elijah Sisneros

8-9 Beg. Boys Kata - 4th. Place- Elijah Sisneros  Not placing -Josiah Ornndorf

8-9 Beg. Boys Kumite- 1st. Place- Brody Molina, 3rd. Place- Marcus Rimorin  Not Placing- Tyler Winters

10-11 Girls Beg. Kumite - 2nd. Place- Candice Peralta

10-11 Girls Beg. with Two Stripes Kumite - 4th. Place- Tabri Gallegos

10-11 Girls Beg. Kata - 4th. Place -Tabri Gallegos

10-11 Boys Beg. Kata -4th. Place- Angelo Sanchez

10-11 Beg. Boys Kumite - 2nd. Place - Angelo Sanchez

10-11 Int. Boys Kumite - 2nd. Place- Gabriel Gabaldon, 3rd. Place- Ricky Wilson

10-11 Int. Boys Kata - 2nd. Place- Ricky Wilson, 3rd. Place- Gabriel Gabaldon

12-13 Beg. Girls Kumite - 2nd. Place - Stephanie Sanchez

12-13 Boys Kumite - 2nd. Place - Phillip Garcia

12-13 Beg. Girls Kata - 3rd. Place - Stephanie Sanchez

12-13 Int. Boys Kumite - 1st. Place- Jose Padilla, 2nd.Place- Michael Lujan

12-13 Int. boys Kata - 1st. Place- Michael Lujan, 2nd. Place Jose Padilla

12-13 Adv. Boys Kata - 3rd. Place- Jeff Miller

14-15 Int. Girls Kumite - 2nd. Place- Brandy Sphicher, 3rd. Place- Marie Vallejos, 4th. Place = Felicia Baca

14-15 Int. Girls Kata - 2nd. Place- Brandy Sphicher, 4th. Place- Marie Vallejos

14-15 Boys Int. Kumite - 1st. Place- Joe Heinlein, 2nd. Place- Mason Wimberly, 3rd. Place- Brian Christopher, 4th. Place- Caleb Guerrero

14-15 Int. boys Kata - 1st. Place- Joe Heinlein, 2nd. Place- Mason Wimberly, 3rd. Place- Brian Christopher, 4th. Place- Caleb Guerrero

14-15 Adv. Boys Kata - 1st. Place- Brandon Engler, 2nd. Place- Taysen Baca, 3rd. Place- Sebastian Hendrickx, 4th. Place- John Miller

16-17 Adv. Boys Kumite - 2nd. Place - Marcus Talmadge, 4th. Place- Kyle Voerding

16-17 Int.Boys Kata - 1st. Place - Kyle Voerding

16-17 Adv. Girls Kumite - 2nd. Place- LeeVanna Mascarenas

16-17 Adv. Kata - 4th. Place- Shylyn Baca Not placing-LeeVanna Mascarenas, Marcs Talmadge

Ex. Women (35 and Over) Kumite - 1st. Place- Deanna Robb

Ex. Beg. Men and Women Kata (35 and over)- 2nd. Place- Rick Peralta

Ex. Int. Kata ( 35 and over) - 1st. Place- Michelle Gammill, 2nd. Place - Antoinette Austin,

4th. Place- Deanna Robb

Ex. Women Adv. ( 35 and over) Kumite - 2nd. Place- Kris Slayton

Ex. Men Adv. Kata - 1st. Place - Rick Pike, 4th. Place- Ernest Espinosa

Ex. Adv. Men Kumite - 1st. Place- Rick Pike

Adult Brown Belt Men Kata - Not placing- Nick Christopher

Adult Color Belt Women Kumite - 3rd. Place- Kris Slayton

Adult Color Belt Women  Kata - 1st. Place- Antoinette Austin, 2nd. Place- Kris Slayton,

4th. Place- Deanna Robb

Adult Beginner Kumite Exhibition with Special Needs competitor Kisha Martin

fought with Belen Goju Ryu's,  Veronica Padilla

Adult Beg. Women Kumite- 1st. Place- Veronica Padilla

Black Belt Women Kata- 3rd. Place- Kimberly Coleman

Black Belt Men Kumite- 2nd. Place- Kevin Trujillo

Black Belt Men Hard Style Kata - 2nd. Place- Jeremy Sanchez

Armored Continuous Fighting-

10-11 - 3rd. Place-Angelo Sanchez

12-13 - 2nd. Place- Michael Lujan, 3rd. Place- Jose Padilla

8-9 - 3rd. Place - Ayzia Molina

14-15 - 2nd. Place- Brandon Engler, 3rd. Place-Mason Wimberly, 4th. Place- Jeff Miller

16-17 - 1st. Place- Marcus Talmadge

Black Belt - 1st. Place - Ryan Pike


10-13 Adv. -  Not placing- Jeff Miller

14-16 Int. - 3rd. Place- Marie Vallejos

14-16 Adv. - 4th. Place- LeeVanna Mascarrenas, 

Not placing, John Miller, Sebastion Hendrickx, Marcus Talmadge

Adult weapons - 1st. Place- Kris Slayton

Black Belt - 2nd. Place Kimberly Coleman, 3rd. Place- Jeremy Sanchez

Competing for Grand Champion - All First Place Winners from age 5 and under to 17 yrs. Old

Competing from our school, but not placing:

Youth Advance Grand Champion

Brandon Engler

Youth Intermediate Grand Champion

Joe Heinlein

Michael Lujan

Kyle Voerding

Youth Beginning Grand Champion

Prestin Day

These are just the tournament stats about our, Belen Goju Ryu, students.



Our Goju Ryu lineage is as follows: